Qernz 0f i2

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disc-content 6 months ago

thanks for the recommendation! i've heard of this one, but never played it. will check it out :) update is live...and hopefully it stays that way but ya never know with neocity weirdness
x-tremeproject 6 months ago

Digging the surrealness of it.

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uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh there's a problem with the editor?whenever i change the background value it doesnt save the changes i've made unless i keep the editor tab open
sninkygle 6 months ago

other values are also being reverted to defualts

x-tremeproject 6 months ago

If it css, uscally it take while to css to update, however if it HTML style tag, it shouldn't have this issues. Strange.

sninkygle 7 months ago

idk what you're talking about im totally not fixing a mistake that past me made

sninkygle 7 months ago

this page has existed the whole were just to busy trippin out on other parts of the site to notice that it was there.So now i,queen of trippy-ness,will bring it to your attention because i love and care for you <3

sninkygle 7 months ago

past me totally did not in anyway forget to add this page months ago that never happened pls remember

sninkygle 7 months ago

actual update s00n

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