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this whole time i could've just typed the stuff out without defing a tag.... *eh*
sninkygle 9 months ago

iz good to know better late than never i guess

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sninkygle 9 months ago

these two pages are finnaly done (hopefully) i can add the final few pages and wrap up story 2

oh its wensday..... >_>
violetradd 9 months ago

it is wensday my doods

F i dont have time to start on the other two pages (tbf though i kinda changed everything about how these sides you may have seen already)
everything is good and ready to go for tonight hopefully i'll be able to get 4 pages down for each side b and side c
sninkygle 9 months ago

sad thing is the auto scroll for potato broke but other than that iz pretty good

mAgic will happen from sunday to wensday >.>
sninkygle 9 months ago

assuming stuff actually goes according to plan and NOT divate to much

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