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for some reason my netweok provider in my philippines does work very slow at night in my rural area
It appears that khinsider has two servers: and which one is the best?
crtstatic 5 months ago

i'm not sure, i usually get both servers for the music I link

cloudsinmind 5 months ago

both work the same! i'm unsure why theres two different links for when you copy the audio link, but regardless they both have the same functionality and doesn't really have any less of audio quality :3

Hello! I have noticed you've left my 88x31 thing in the dust cuz i dodnt see it the [My neighbors!] section. Otherwise, you're still my inspiration :)
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crtstatic 5 months ago

whoops, i'll have to fix that. thanks for letting me know!

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reason why i haven't recently updated this frequently: Boredom and School. And my hyperfixation with Fix It Felix.
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