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Tomorrow the bookcases will (hopefully!) be going up! I will be glad when it's done because it's one more step to sorting the flat out. Sorry about the lack of site updates. While the weather is like this, and my artritis isn't playing up, I need to take advantage of it.
Sometimes, I don't think that people get that half of Tolkien's writing was literally pro-nature even before nature conservation became a thing to be concerned about...
It's been a busy week. How is everyone? I've been sorting out the problem bits in the hallway and doing quite a bit of sewing. Next week, we might be getting a shed if it is in good order. Depending on how it is, I might turn it into my craft space, but not if it's leaking. (However, it will be useful because I hope to do some more decorating this summer and need a place to store stuff while I do it.)
Had a very busy day today. Got some gardening done. Painted some furniture (They aren't finished yet, however. I need to sand them down and do another coat on one of them. The paint is lumpy in places.) And finished a paws cross stitch pic. Need to finish it properly, but got the cross stitching done.
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bright-eyes 4 years ago

I made it because Misty is always leaving muddy paw prints on my projects, so it's for her, really.

I'm actually /very/ much behind on the craft site, since there are a lot of projects that need to go up on there!
teddybear-halo 4 years ago

i can't wait to see them !! ^^

I've got a good photo now of the silk shading fox (the original was badly blurred and you couldn't see any of the detail in it.) So, I'll probably do the first silk shading page tomorrow. I am pleased with how it's turned out as it is my first proper go at it. Usually, I don't like sewing on non aida/evenweave fabric.
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I'm having to recharge the camera again. It's annoying and doesn't seem to hold the charge for very long, even when it's turned off!
Has anyone had a problem with Neocities being really slow today? I seem to be having this trouble.

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