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Well, I was wanting to buy some plant pots this year to replace the ones that have been broken, cracked, etc, but everywhere seems to only have these ugly grey ones that will make your garden look like you've used old buckets or a building site where everything is covered in grey dust and cement.
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First day of Crufts was great, but there is only so much you can watch before you get sleepy and I know from experience that I usually miss the flyball because of this issue, so I'm done for the day.
I just realised that from tomorrow and over the weekend Crufts is on, so I'm going to be watching that with my dog. (The Agility and Flyball comps, mainly...) Only comes once a year so...
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It will probably be next week before I do anything else on here. I want to do some gardening (if the weather is nice this weekend), some tidying up/cleaning and some crafty projects. Now that we're moving towards spring, it should be easier for me to do that kind of stuff. I will probably start decorating the flat again once it's dry enough outside.
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bright-eyes 4 years ago

The flat is small, so I need to put things outside sometimes to get things done otherwise I've no room and it needs to be dry (and warm) to do that.

bright-eyes 4 years ago

If I'm not updating as much, it will be due to that.

Feeling quite tired now. I did handwrite Lyndheid's history. It needs typing up and headers putting in to break it up to make it easier to read. I also need to write the last part properly. At the moment, it's only notes. Somethimes these things take several sessions to complete.
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I don't think that I shall bother hosting the fanlistings here. I can't use php script on here, and finding a mailing service that people can use to join/update/contact isn't that easy these days. I'm just going to concentrate on the fansites/fan fic stuff, the pixel art site (as I only need to upload it and change links.) I may do the icon site, too, but it's not a priority.
bright-eyes 4 years ago

(The problem with the icon site is that the php script on it stopped working due to it becoming old, and having to link all the images individually is a chore, and that's before you take into consideration that php can't be used on here.)

bright-eyes 4 years ago

In relation to fanlistings, I stopped being interested in them ages ago, but kept them around out of habit. From a personal standpoint, they aren't that interesting to me to make and the TFL community is very elitist and can be toxic.

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I need to do some more research into an aspect of Lyndheid's history, to make sure that it is correct, but I need to take a break from it. You have to make sure when you're doing backgrounds, etc, that your dates and everything match up. One of the things I found in rp was that people who didn't bother to read the LOTR and the Hobbit and only watched the films just made things up for characters.
bright-eyes 4 years ago

You can tell when they don't bother mention certain events (or in one case I found), came up with excuses about why their character's background was wrong. Even if the character was too young to be involved in events, they would still have an effect on the character and be mentioned if it's relavanet.

I do have a tendency to make my profiles very long, but I like to get all of my ideas down before I forget them. Whether they become proper, complete stories is another matter though as writing them properly takes a long time. These days, a lot of published writing isn't that good because the pressure put on authors to produce by their publishers is high.
bright-eyes 4 years ago

I see how the work of some writers that I used to read has suffered greatly because they work on too many projects every year.

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