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I've been taking a break from here for a few days since I did a lot of work on the site last week. I'll probably start on the thrid episode later on this week, but I've a lot of things to do around the home.
I found some of your articles interesting, particularly the origin of the 88x31 button. I first came across it on fan sites where people made them for others to download and link back to their sites. Always found it a frustrating size to make though because there's not a lot of room on it. I've found other sizes are used as well - 100 x 50 (my prefered one), 50 x 50, 50 x 75, 100 x 35, and 200 x 40.
bright-eyes 4 years ago

I've also come across 120 X 60 (very rare) and for top sites directories there's also a 480 x 100 one. I hate the really small ones though because it's hard to make them look great and still fit text on them.

exosilver 4 years ago

i was frustrated by the size as well, it's not the most convenient thing. i think i was interested in doing a 90x30 revival before i started archiving buttons. 100x50, you say? that seems like something fun to experiment with for higher-res buttons... i'll look into it

exosilver 4 years ago

(also wow i did not expect to be linked at the bottom of that 88x31 article!! thanks neonaut!!)

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bright-eyes 4 years ago

The sizes I've mentioned were probably invented by the fanlistings community, but they have certainly been used on fan sites quite a lot, and the personal sites of those who make fanlistings. I remember making some really mis matched ones (size wise) when I first started making fan sites because I didn't realise people could crop images. Pixel fonts are used a lot on them too.

soupault 4 years ago

I believe for modern screens, we really need a new standard to replace 88x31, but I'm not sure how it can be agreed upon by a wide community.

neonaut 4 years ago

I agree the 88x31 is too small and a bit annoying to design. I briefly wondered if the Hosted by Neocities button could provide inspiration, but it's an odd size (200x59). I think something like a 100x50 banner exchange has a chance of trending here on Neocities though.

bright-eyes 4 years ago

2OO x 59 is a bit too big in my opinion. Just tested it out and I can't see a page of those side by side. I think 100 x 50 has the advantage because it's commonly used among fanlistings and if folks who do that make a site here then they'll probably use it. (The drawback is lack of php and database sites - most FLs these days use that to manage them, but a fan site which doesn't need it could work.)

Got the interfacing done on the bunting I'm making. Was expecting it to be a disaster. We'll see...
I'll soon be trying a new craft once today's Hobbycraft order has arrived.
Well, I was wanting to buy some plant pots this year to replace the ones that have been broken, cracked, etc, but everywhere seems to only have these ugly grey ones that will make your garden look like you've used old buckets or a building site where everything is covered in grey dust and cement.
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First day of Crufts was great, but there is only so much you can watch before you get sleepy and I know from experience that I usually miss the flyball because of this issue, so I'm done for the day.
I just realised that from tomorrow and over the weekend Crufts is on, so I'm going to be watching that with my dog. (The Agility and Flyball comps, mainly...) Only comes once a year so...
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