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About a year ago I was sick with a chest infection (possibly Covid-19 before it was 'discovered' ) that lasted about three weeks and came back for a week or so in Jan. Had an awful pain in my leg for about 6 months afterwards, still get the occasional problem with it now but it is only now that I feel that the leg muscle affected is getting stronger.
birdsandstars 3 years ago

I’m sorry to hear that, but happy you’re recovering!!

I went through a stage where I couldn't bring myself to read for a long time. It was after I'd graduated from Uni and suffered an illness which massively ruined my concentration. I have it back now, but my reading productivity is not what it was before I went to uni. I tried doing some challenges too (around the time when I was at uni and just after) and no longer do them because I found it made me procrastinate.
theburnedoutnerd 3 years ago

I was just chatting with a friend and they made a similar observation. We used to devour books all throughout middle school and high school, but college seemed to have sucked that ferocity right out of us. I graduated 4 years ago, and I just haven't been the same since. It's funny, though. I read fanfiction constantly, but I just can't pick up an original book.

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bmh 3 years ago

Personally I just have to avoid distraction; I don't have a smartphone but I have to leave my computer alone. Then I try and stick to a set amount of reading per day, such as a chapter in the morning and a chapter in the evening.

birdsandstars 3 years ago

College did the same to me!! I read much slower now, but since my internship year, I’ve been able to read for fun again!! It’s hard to get started and I typically only read a chapter a day instead of consume whole books in one night or read non-stop until a book is done, but I’m happy to rediscover that joy. Good luck! Don’t hold yourself to past standards.

Finally got an image editing program that has the things I need. Should be able to do some work on the site tomorrow.
I was hoping to get some work done on the site today, but nope... (Yep, there was some updates, but not as much as I wanted...) I'm so sick of my internet connection being shit. Can't even edit pictures now for the site, it seems. BT, you suck and don't deserve the money we pay for services which you don't actually provide.
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I will try to update the site sometime soon. I've been having a number of problems with the computer which have needed sorting out and so have not had time to work on it (among other things.) I'm fed up of not being able to do 'normal' things because of the pandemic. Hope it ends soon, but selfish idiots seem to think that it's more important to do what they want than making sure people are safe.
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