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By the way. Love your layout. I just meant I wasn't going to steal your ideas. :)
bright-eyes 4 years ago

I'm not really fussed if people use a similiar layout to mine as I use css layout generators or templates which have been made for people to download and edit for their sites. I'm not a professional web designer or coder so most of what I do is quite simple and stuff which people who make websites for a hobby would do anyway. As for content as long as the subject is different, I don't see how ideas can be stolen.

bright-eyes 4 years ago

Inspired, perhaps, but not that. There's nothing to worry about!

readingproject 4 years ago

I don’t use generators or templates. I tend to fumble around until something works well enough. I was more talking about how overcrowded the page I’ve been developing looks. Think I will need to split things across several pages. Your layout made me realise that. But I also realised there was types of information I wasn’t covering. Believe it or not, characters!

...this month. I may borrow a few ideas - things I hadn't thought to do - from your site (I mean the kind of content, not your layout etc) Best of luck!
Thanks for your interest in our website. I've now been looking all through yours. We've read a few of the same books. I most recently read Watership Down a few years ago. Surprisingly more adult than I anticipated. I've been trying to put together a page for a project on the Famous Five, which will have some similar features to your site. Hope you continue to develop this. You've made more progress than I have...
I think I'm starting to get fed up of being stuck in the house all the time.
I really shouldn't be up this late, but I got distracted by searching for cross stitch designs and sorting out pdfs and patterns into a folder. Night, all!
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I'm not in a good mood today. I ordered some compost and large planters about three weeks ago and they've not arrived yet. It's getting on my nerves because the company is very bad at communicating with their customers and the plants I need them for are quite special. The seeds came with our dog's ashes when we picked them up so they need planting more than anything else. I can't just plant them in the ground -
bright-eyes 4 years ago

the cat will break and kill them if they aren't up against the wall. (I know this because I tried growing similiar plants a few years back and that happened.) It's not like I can go out to the shops and fetch these things myself like I would normally do!

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Got quite a few things done today, but I really wish that I could concentrate on doing more writing for the site. At the moment, my concentration for it has gone.
tinypaws 4 years ago

My sister in law has got fed up with their dogs tail(rottweiler lab mix) knocking her plants leaves(an sometimes the entire plant to the foor)that she turned her ferret cage that hasnt seen use in quite sometime into a plant 'safe house' LOL

I am continously amazed that some people are still more bothered about petty, frivolous things that the virus has stopped them from doing than being worried about people's health.

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