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This wouldn't surprise me about bees, given the angry bee incident earlier this year...
I really should do a favourite Youtube channels page.
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I think I might have got to the bottom of the eye infection issue... I took an allergy tablet and it's amazing how my systems have got better. At least the stinging sensation and stuffy nose is gone.
I've found another online e-book library for folks with sight problems, etc, and I will be signing up to it later this month. They have quite a lot of my favourite historical authors in it, but not as much sci-fi and fantasy as I'd like but they have a different catalogue to Listening Books, which is good. Audible is useful, but it's expensive compared to these as you have to pay a sub every month and the free -
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bright-eyes 2 weeks ago

listens get removed from the plus catalogue from time to time.

I suspect that one day, we'll all end up being hermits because no one can handle the idea that other people have different likes, life style choices, nationalities, race, gender, sexuality, religion/spirituality, hair styles, different coloured nail polish, etc... (The last two were jokes, but you get the idea.)
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For some strange reason, I've ended up on a list of furry accounts on bluesky. Quite weird, because even when I was writing Star Wars fan fic and had a Shistavanen Jedi (they are wolf-like aliens) as a main OC character that I used to write about, I wasn't a furry. Ever since Bluesky opened up sign-ups, it's gotten worse for politics and sensitive people. I guess with all the years of cyberbullying on sites like -
bright-eyes 2 weeks ago

Twitter, jumping to conclusions about people based on a few lines of texts posted by folks you know absolutely nothing about has become the norm.

I've been really fed up with my eye sight recently... I've had several books from the library since January and I've only been able to get through 2 of them... One I had to return even though I was part way through it and was enjoying it but I've got an eye infection - I don't know when it will clear up, but it's not easy focusing when your eye is running and burning like someone's pouring shampoo in it constantly.

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