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Just finished Skin Game from the Dresden Files. When I first read it a number of years ago, I had a lot of brain fog due to an illness and forgot quite a lot of it, so I really needed to read it again before going on to read Peace Talks and Battleground. (It didn't help that there was such a long publication gap between Skin Game and Peace Talks, either.)
I've got a handful of good books on Egyptology to read this summer. Wish it wasn't so hot, though. Hot weather gives me brain fog.
koshka 3 days ago

Sounds like a good time. I know what you mean about hot weather. Heat and humidity are a sensory hell that make it hard to think about anything other than how uncomfortable you are. ):

Lovely how the delivery driver just put my new clothes in the bin instead of handing it in at the door!
bright-eyes 4 days ago

Considering the amount of complaints that they've got in twitter in the past 20 hours, I doubt I'll get any apology from them. Why is society today so damned rude?

I am sort of fast tracking him through, too, as I don't have the patience to do every area and every quest more than once.
Are otters called otters because they are otters, or are they called otters because a dwarf from Norse mythology called Ottr could turn into one?
bright-eyes 5 days ago

I have to wonder. I am currently taking one of my LOTRO characters called Ottr to the gates of Moria to explore there. (There is a quest chain called the Ballad of Bingo Boffin and I need to take him there to do the next few stages.

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