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And tomorrow, I'll be taking a break from doing stuff on the site. It's been a long day getting the character profile template right.
I've not got around to doing the contact page yet (though I really should!) I am @DeadWintersNigh on Twitter.
I long for spring, or at least an end to all this rain, wind and storms.
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So, I only have a couple of images left to do and then episode 2 page of AOFW is complete.
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Dreadful weather today. Think it's time to start on the second lot of episode 2 images.
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birdsandstars 4 years ago

Hope it clears up later!

bright-eyes 4 years ago

It's been like it on and off since October.

Working on a new site. It's a Tolkien site which will be the home of my fan fiction, etc... I will be moving all of my sites to neocities (at least the ones I feel like keeping.) May eventually become a supporter of Neocities because I think the web needs a hosting company like this. People need a place where they can learn to code and not just rely on premades like you have with Wix, etc, but don't want to mess
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bright-eyes 4 years ago

around with complicated platforms like wordpress, etc...

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