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Hey, your site’s pretty cool! We might have mostly different tastes in anime (I haven’t been into shounen since I was younger, BUT HXH is fantastic and Chimera Ant Arc is amaaaazing... old BLEACH was so good too ;3; ). Your art is amazing??? So clean and crisp and very solid anatomy!!!
kakashi 1 year ago

OMG T_T THank you so much!!!!! :'D!!!!! and im so glad to hear someone else appreciates chimera ant arc as much as i so >:333 also i love your site too!!! i was reading over your manga recs, i really want to read rose of versailles~ :'33

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birdsandstars 1 year ago

Thank youuu!! Chimera Ant Arc is often held up as Togashi-sensei’s masterpiece, it’s so unique and powerful a narrative and God, the parallels between Komugi’s loyalty and Killua’s at the end and how Gon and Killua’s characters change so much...!! Rose of Versailles is excellent, but my God, even with their ends spelled out by history and first volume or so, I cried like I did over nothing fictional before ever....

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kakashi 1 year ago

AHHH yes!!!!! it really is so powerful and intense! I always see people say phantom troupe arc is better, and while that arc is awesome, it doesn't even compare to the chimera ant arc in my opinion >:3 and ooooh that makes me want to read it more!! i love a good drama/tragic story :'33!!!

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