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happy new year everyone! it hasnt been long since i posted website but im really happy and grateful for all the kind words and compliments ive gotten! 🥺💖 thank u sm everyone who left me kind words and i hope that 2024 is a good year for everyone! hopefully itll be filled with more kindness and fun ☺️🥳💝💕
happy holidays and merry christmas everyone 🥳💖
2cherrish 6 months ago

i changed updated my about again (got rid of the window boxes and replaced it with other deco) but idk what i did on my homepage for a change to count LMAO

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waaa ur site is the cutest!!!! i love the map
2cherrish 6 months ago

thank you so much!!! youre so sweet <3 the twin stars memos are so cute

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thank you for following!!! i adore your website, its so cute! i love the colours and ur whole aesthetic <3
hmln 6 months ago

late reply woops but i can reply now so HELLO!! youre welcome and thank you so much too!!!! i instantly fell in love with the look of your website TT TT i literally love everything so im rlly happy haha

your website is so cute!!! i esp love ur about page <3
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komichi 6 months ago

tysm ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜ i love your site too!

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thank you for following! i love how you decorated your website! the small graphics everywhere are soo cute
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doqmeat 7 months ago

aweee thank youu so much! o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o i am extremely in love with how you decorated yours as well!

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thank you for following!!! im in love with how cute and interactive your website is, your art is adorable T_T <3
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strawbebby228 7 months ago

Thank you ♡ Your site is really cool and cute too!!

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thank you for the follow! i love your art and website, its so cute!!! :D
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youer everything
churupan 7 months ago

ummm but what if you were also everything


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