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WAAAAAA YOUR WEBSITE AND BLOG ARE SO CUTE !! I totally want my site to look as good as yours it's so cute and interesting, I'm in love with it! ;;;
2cherrish 2 months ago

AW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! youre so sweet, im happy you think so! T_T your website is so cute too! i love the graphics you used!!! <3

amari-ga-shin-da 2 months ago

Really really?! I'm happy you like them a lot too :D I'm a big fan of scrapbook/handmade-looking web design, so that's why it looks like that heehee

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2cherrish 2 months ago

oo i can see the inspiration, how cute! im a big fan of koge donbos art too, its so fitting with ur website!!

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