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Oh, and for subverted and quirky, I heartily recommend Robert Rankin (humorous scifi, has been compared to Douglas Adams). Always makes me laugh like a crazy person. :3
imaginings 1 year ago

"The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse" does sound like a fun title

Something similar to The Last Unicorn, imo, is Fairyland by Paul J McAuley. The first half of it, anyway. I never liked the second half as much.
Thanks for the follow. I hope I don't disappoint you too badly, haha. I love your design. Also the colours. So, can anyone contribute to your collection? Or is a certain standard of coding or content required?
jackomix 1 year ago

Yeah anyone can make a html file. It just has to either be custom (made for the collection) or at least hard to find in your site. It also has to be internal as it can be, so use a Base64 converter to convert your images into text so it's built inside of the HTML file. Though I also allow uploading to big image hosting sites. Also don't use it *only* just to use as a website ad billboard.


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