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The thing I've been working on for the past few days is finally here:
devachan 4 years ago

I want to play it <3

blue-belt-blues 4 years ago

"I’ll beg for mercy since I didn’t do a shit the last few days." No need to beg here's a laxative bro just go already.

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strata 4 years ago

Thanks, that's a relief.

I want to apologize for being so fucking inactive here this week.
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Funfact: Being an edgy teenimgur, I originally wanted to post lyrics in coherence to every journal entry written on my site.
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I can see myself linking your pages for a small loan of $0. Basically, I am your bitch.
i don't even know why i'm strictly using lower case. it's an appropriate time to switch i think.
strata 4 years ago

[28/12/2016 00:23 GMT+1] Done.

in "the matrix" (1999), neo travels to different neo-cities.
froghand 4 years ago

In Neo New York, basketball is dead.

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