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Uploading cool shit to Neocities just doesn't fit into my current schedule... well...
Neocities guestbook idea w/o 3rd-party-bullshit: receive greetings via Bitmessage, run a script to generate static html from that, upload the whole bunch automatically, profit.
strata 5 years ago

(Let's start with actually using Bitmessage.)

Ty for subbing, friend!
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strata 5 years ago

Same goes for you. :)

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strata 5 years ago

You're welcome!

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Will Neocities explode when I upgrade my account, upload 10g and downgrade it again?
joppiesaus 5 years ago

I am wondering the same thing

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jeremyredhead 5 years ago

@strata If this old blog post still holds true, then you simply get to keep the 10gb.

strata 5 years ago

@jeremyredhead Thanks, good to know!

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