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working on a blog post that will be less of a melodramatic spiel than last one and also maybe going to make aesthetic changes to non-index pages
making homepage an eyesore but i think it looks cool so whatever
shallot 3 years ago

okay this is actually awful if you dont have flux or a physically yellowed as fuck display panel like i do

oh fuck i finally remembered my password
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shallot 4 years ago

my life is kind of a mess right now and i lost my perl script for making blog posts to some computer problems and dont have any backups until i get shipped back home to bumfuck midwestern hell state but ill try to make a blog post by hand soon

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theres a new blog post up but i deleted the thing announcing it on accident :shrug:
shallot 4 years ago

theres stuff about art in there but i still have not written a single word of script lol

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