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going to write this update on here because i cbf to do it on my site lol.
rowantone 1 year ago

2020 has been ... a year. i don't have to tell you that. i've done a lot that i hope to share on here in the future but sharing my stuff isnt a huge priority for me right now.

rowantone 1 year ago

Neocities is still a beautiful place (that's why i still pay for Supporter and host my site here) and I check in frequently because it fills me with childlike joy, but (if it wasnt obvious from my last big update being over a year ago), haven't been touching my site much other than to upload commissioned stuff.

rowantone 1 year ago

To followup on my last big update: Life is going surprisingly well, got a lot to figure out. I got a job doing software dev/full stack dev (Ruby/Typescript/SCSS/etc) and if i didn't make a neocities site i wouldn't know what the hell i was doing. i mean that completely. AS FOR MUSIC MAKIN' HOWEVER, haven't done much of that at all, lmfao.

rowantone 1 year ago

No big promises for 2020, but (if 2021 is a little bit more predictable) my plans include Completely redoing my website, i've already started that, and uhhhh. I don't know just hang out, man. I'm trying my best to "follow the fun" and work on the stuff that feels good in the moment. That's probably one of the most important things i've taken away from this year full of changing plans and having no expectations.

rowantone 1 year ago

that's about it. yall know where to find me. take care and do ur best to make the most of your 2021 because no-one is going to do it for you. see u next sunday

exosilver 1 year ago

bless you so much rowan i wish you all the best for 2021

vertpush 1 year ago

Wishing you the best!!

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