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Very close to finishing up the new site. I'm not sure that any of you care, but I'm excited to get back to being more active on Neocities again.
yudosai 3 years ago

well you're definitely on time!

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Love the music! Do you use garageband?
futureperfect 3 years ago

@yudosai Thank you!! Yes, I use Garageband. Some have been recorded with me legitimately playing the drums and others with programmed drums by me.

Rebranding the site with a new name/sub domain soon (next two weeks?). Building the bones and hope to have content available to plug in soon. Life is busy, but I haven't abandoned the site.
Just got back from a vacation to Disney World. No new music or ideas for content, so I may just refresh the layout soon. Did anybody see Avengers: Endgame? Incredible movie.
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