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1 year ago
Hello Wastebin and thank you for following Webshark on neocities! You are my 24th follower. I hope you enjoyed your experience of my website
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I don’t mean this in a rude way, but how do I pronounce your name? It’s just that I subvocalise a lot and whenever I read your name I kind of stumble.
roachparade 1 year ago

i don't know how to properly articulate this, but it's ch (hard ch, not sh) ch-eh-ren (but the e is not very sounded, its not chern though)

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strata 1 year ago

uhhhhhhhhh, it's NOT pronounced like "Sharon"?

roachparade 1 year ago

nope, sorry to break it to you! sharon is one name i cannot bear

neofur 1 year ago

please for the love of god never call my man something as ugly as sharon

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dklsfkdjssj 1 year ago

So, is it more like English “k”, or German “ch”, or something else entirely?

turd 1 year ago

in my head ive always read it as chair-en

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roachparade 1 year ago

ah, chair-en is a good way to write it out. it's just the english ch, like chair, chalk, ect

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New programming language design thoughts up now @ Tonight (or day, elsewhere) in PL design: waay too much text explaining what amounts to a way to automatically precompose Unicode characters, scope‐based nastiness, and me being an impractical purist as usual.

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