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morganvt 9 months ago

I readded the rant and got rid of the Neocities Discord link since it basically no longer applies.

I take it back. I take it ALL back. mariteaux is WORSE than before!
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morganvt 9 months ago

Whoever thinks he's a good guy is a psychopath about to put themselves in a lot more stress than it's worth! DO NOT even fucking LOOK AT HIM.

While working on the next update for my website, I discovered that my website now has proper SSL security! You shouldn't have to worry about your data being stolen anymore!
I've updated the navbar and added a new livechat page! Remember to use http:// if you can't access the site with https://, I'm working on getting a new SSL certificate. Question of the update:Should I make my own Neocities Discord?
morganvt 9 months ago

I'm like... 90% certain I'm going to get flak from everyone for even suggesting that since we have two Neocities Discords already...

Not sure why you followed me since my website is effectively dead on Neocities, but uh... Thanks for the follow I guess.
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punchy 9 months ago

Pls follow me

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