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This year has started off as great as the last one.
Does my blog home page display properly in edge? It's supposed to have a new post
bright-eyes 3 years ago

linked onto the home page called Fandom Friday Introduction, but it is not showing on mine. (Shows up in Firefox, though...)

bright-eyes 3 years ago

It's finally showing up properly!

Well, it appears that the virus is upping the ante for another round of infections. TBH, I don't think that it is just that there is a new strain, I think people have become very complacent about it over the Yule period. When I took Max out over Christmas there were more people around than before and it bigger groups, too.
Not as cold today, so Max was able to go out for a proper walk.
Good riddance, 2020! (But I've been saying that to every year since 2018...)
So, I've added a little blog to DWN. I do have a wordpress blog on my paid hosting, but I hate wordpress. I can't ever make it mine when it comes to layouts because I don't know how to code layouts for wordpress (there are too many things which you have to include - I can only just make a layout for proboard forums and that's only really modifying what someone else has already done....)
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bright-eyes 3 years ago

Would have preferred something with a header and sidebar, though as then I can add things to it, so this is nice... I just need to customize it. It's important to be able to customize stuff because it then makes it yours. There are too many social media platforms where you can't do that these days. Even with myspace, one of the things which made it a good network was that you could make it yours.

bright-eyes 3 years ago

This can't be done with most social media sites these days. Even tumblr is quite limited if you don't know how the coding works.

One thing I have noticed lately (with youtubers and some bloggers) is that they try to get money or gifts out of people by posting posting links to amazon wishlists, gofundme, etc. I understand that money is tight. I've never had what I would call a great income, but it just seems wrong to me, especially when they show videos of themselves with excessive amounts of make-up, and other items, or bragging about going
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bright-eyes 3 years ago

to expensive concerts, days out, having custom made cosplay items, etc...

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