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So, because of the Rohan house update, you can display your fav mounts at your Rohan house, and turn your cosmetic pets into decorations for your house. You get some "free" slots for your mounts when you buy a house or you can add them later with mithril coins. You need mithril coins to turn your cosmetic pet into decoration. These cost 25 mcs each. If you are VIP, you get points with your subscription, so you could
bright-eyes 2 months ago

use the points with your sub to add the pets and mounts. Now, I have practically wasted mithril coins using the stable travel system and teleporting me back to npcs when getting back to them is confusing/time consuming, so what is the fuss about this? It's not that much. If you wait for double points sales, etc, you can even get mithril coins for 'free'. Folks just like to moan about stuff.

bright-eyes 2 months ago

Getting 25 mithril coins with your VIP points isn't really that expensive, either. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy mithril coins for this purpose, but if I have some left over, then I'd use points up this way.

bright-eyes 2 months ago

And it's no worse than people buying black keys to open lootboxes, which I've also done with my spare points.

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