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i started bhoping during counter strike source. thanks for making guides like this.
like your essay's! keep it up!
i was trying to contact you. i like your site it very cool and your not dumb in my books ^^
hey i really like your page it unique. did you draw the dragons your self and would it be possible to get my own drawn from you?
mesoscale 1 year ago

The dragons are from an old adoptable game called dragon cave, you can check it out at, and clicking any of the dragons will take you there as well!

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Interesting page :)
sillylaird 1 year ago

thank you. im using neocities as like a mirror now and then im going towards a iceland host to host my content as some of what i have to say probably doesnt belong on here. not going to be slurs or anything but might be in quotations and so on. and links to articles or archives.

I was debatting making a very simple imageboard script which acts as a comment section for my site like a guestbook or cbox. instead of using them so that way it can have more of a imageboard feel.
i like the revision or archives of your webpage. neat to see what you did from the start till now. can't wait to see what you improve :)
daniele63 2 years ago

Thank you so much, i saw your other comment but there was no option to reply.

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sillylaird 2 years ago

maybe i have to fix it. but it should work. and thank you too :)

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