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Your art and everything on here is so cool!!
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rabidrodent 9 months ago

thanks very much :)

rabidrodent 11 months ago

mostly clearing out some now-dead links RIP

rabidrodent 1 year ago

added Hively Player Advance

rabidrodent 1 year ago

I don't actually have a GB Camera page (yet?) but I had an idea for a links page layout so yea

Was just randomly looking at some Game Boy Camera sprites and saw "ripped by rabidrodent" on one of them. The rabidrodent from Neocities? One and the same??
rabidrodent 1 year ago

Sorry for the late reply, but yes, I ripped some GB Camera stuff for Spriters Resource lol. (Along with a few random things from other games.) Was considering doing a GB Cam page on here sometime. I love that thing, and also there's a decently active community still doing stuff with it.

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disc-content 1 year ago

No problem. And thank you for your service!

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rabidrodent 1 year ago

apparently youtube does @s now? that's nice I guess.

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