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Novov was updated.
6 months ago
novov 6 months ago

Added a new blogpost, linkroll site, and media I like page. Instead of posting this, I should really add a changelog or something...

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natolmo 6 months ago

I love all the little icons and I love the new header image!!! I hadn't seen em yet!

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My site update should now display correctly even if you haven't fiddled with your caches. Also, for the few of you that are using my site's banner, I've changed it to match the new style:
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Novov was updated.
7 months ago
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novov 7 months ago

finally finished my redesign. not sure why it's showing my crappy potatoes, I've changed a lot more than that

novov 7 months ago

you may have to clear caches for it to display correctly

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