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Finally added some more sites I follow to my linkroll. Unfortunately, I don't have room, nor the imagination to write good blurbs for all of them, so that's why you might be relegated to the bottom section...
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novov 1 year ago

Such placement doesn't indicate an inferior site btw: I put all of them there, both old and new, except those I know outside Neocities, non-Neocities sites, and a few others to showcase variety

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Novov was updated.
1 year ago
novov 1 year ago

refresh of the heraldry page, it looked kinda crap before

All pages should now be fully compliant with the W3C HTML validator. Also, I've fixed some errors regarding the lightbox in the sketchbook/art I like pages (namely, that it would reset scroll, and it would sometimes show the previous image).
I now have a new domain -
marijnflorence 1 year ago

Excellent! I’ve updated my links out

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