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jeremyredhead 5 months ago

this is just an html/css fix to my blog so reader mode (maybe?) works, and mobile is easier to navigate. was gonna post something, got distracted. as usual

jeremyredhead 8 months ago

fixed the js and improved the design of the spiral corners thingy

*eyeing mariteaux & strata, et all* "yall have lost yer fucking minds"
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jeremyredhead 10 months ago

(assuming i can muster some focus, i will get up an article soon elaborating exactly what i mean, and my thoughts on Neocities, nostalgia, "good site design" & **accesiblity**)

dotcomboom 10 months ago

what's this?

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jeremyredhead 10 months ago

seriouslyi can not even begin to describe how frustrated & disappointed i am.

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mariteaux 10 months ago

I'm sorry I have an opinion. I look forward to yours.

rainstormsinjuly 10 months ago

Interested in reading your thoughts. Best of luck with writing up your article.

strata 10 months ago

Looking at this post for the first time, what have I done wrong? (Also, I was sure I've been following you...)

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