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Just a quick update: I have been, and still am, working on my site... An update will happen soon (hopefully)
Hmm, I have been working on my site for a while, but a lot of the changes/fixes/etc are still WIP/buggy. Should I just upload and fix later, or continue working offline? Please help :/
arkmsworld 3 years ago

Well, I guess that depends on which way feels more mentally harmonious to you. I tend to complete one page/thing at a time (working offline in Notepad++) and then upload it when it feels "done". Although I often go back later and change the wording or part of the layout, or whatever, because I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and it's almost never 100% right the first time. Grrr!

arkmsworld 3 years ago

Let the site grow organically, as if it were a living being, because, in a way, it really is. It's your self expression, and it will find its own order if you allow it to...without expectation.

Just FYI, your stylesheet currently won't load in pale moon (obscure fork of firefox) because you're serving it over http, instead of https. :p
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imaginings 3 years ago

Ooh. Thank you so much for telling me, fixing it right now.

yupthatsme 3 years ago

How do you serve it over https?

imaginings 3 years ago

I just replaced any http in links with https :)

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