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Hi! I'm still alive. I should really update this website in its entirety, but for now, it'll be dormant. I've recently graduated from college so I have a lot I can change on the web - let's see what the future holds!
Hi, yes, I'm still here. I've been way too busy with my Clientside Programming course to update. Once this class is done I'll be back with a brand new website.
Thanks for the feedback. I will look into it.
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vkccodebuilder 4 years ago

I have modified the cursor as you recommended. Thanks for the same. :)

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Alright, Facedesk will be here to stay - I said 2 weeks ago it (may) be gone, but I've got a huge idea for it. Stay tuned folks.. And yes, I'm still working on my app. Almost getting there.

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