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Just a quick update: I have been, and still am, working on my site... An update will happen soon (hopefully)
Hmm, I have been working on my site for a while, but a lot of the changes/fixes/etc are still WIP/buggy. Should I just upload and fix later, or continue working offline? Please help :/
arkmsworld 2 years ago

Well, I guess that depends on which way feels more mentally harmonious to you. I tend to complete one page/thing at a time (working offline in Notepad++) and then upload it when it feels "done". Although I often go back later and change the wording or part of the layout, or whatever, because I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and it's almost never 100% right the first time. Grrr!

arkmsworld 2 years ago

Let the site grow organically, as if it were a living being, because, in a way, it really is. It's your self expression, and it will find its own order if you allow it to...without expectation.

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