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jeremyredhead 5 years ago

I added some fancy javascript zooming to my about page! :D

jeremyredhead 5 years ago

Just FYI, latest site update is currently underway, beware of possible broken links and out of place content for a couple hours.

jeremyredhead 5 years ago

Oaky, the site update is over now. I was going to actually upload some stuff, but I'm feeling a little burnt out now and it would require further tweaking to my "site infrastructure" (css).

I finally updated my site, woot! You should check it out. (Also 777 updates, cool)
What happened to your wonderful aboot page melon? :(
melonking 5 years ago

Oh wow, I didnt realise anyone noticed that xD I wasnt sure about it so I removed its nav link, Ill put it back if you like!

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jeremyredhead 5 years ago

You totally should melon :)

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