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jeremyredhead 5 years ago

I've successfully replaced the "hr"s in my navbar with a slimmer css-only only alternative. If you don't like the new look though, please let me now and I'll try to improve it! :)

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Hey anlucas how should I attribute you on my website?
anlucas 5 years ago

Actually, the only stuff on your site i made was the ANLucas button and the NeoCities button. I didn't make the under construction gif though, I got it from one of those gif websites.

jeremyredhead 5 years ago

Oh, whoops. :P I guess I'll just attribute the under construction gif to the general internet.

jeremyredhead 5 years ago

Currently working on my site again, watch out for falling web developer skeletons, I'll probably be done by the end of today.

shelfdust 5 years ago

hey Jeremy you look like cboyardee, and it's great!!!

jeremyredhead 5 years ago

Well thanks! (also sorry this reply took so long)

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