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saint-images 1 week ago

Great job, just great! I immensely enjoyed looking through the new album. Would you be so kind as to tell me which film did you use on hanbaiki.jpg?

inaka 1 week ago

Thank you for taking the time to look! That image was taken with Portra 800. I sat on that 35mm roll for ages before using it. Itโ€™s a great film stock, but quite expensive. FPP is probably the cheapest place to get it.

saint-images 1 week ago

Oh, thank you! So it's Portra after all; I actually have it installed in my camera right now (it's 160 iso though, not 800)! I just love the colour of the light coming from the machines. Just checked out FPP and it's overseas shipping costs; somehow it's not much more expensive than buying locally ::>_<::

inaka 1 week ago

Portra 160 is also quite beautiful. Shooting it on a sunny day makes really nostalgic images. I used to shoot 160 and Kodak Gold a lot more years ago, having gotten sick of Superiaโ€™s sickly green tint. Kansai.html was shot on Superia and Fuji Industrial. I should probably add a film stocks page to Thoughts. Maybe scan all the Japanese film stock booklets I have.

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