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At the moment, Max is fast asleep...
A couple of weeks ago I felt like I was getting better with things, but because I was messed around by the gp, a supermarket and the weather has become cold again, I feel like crap.
Disney is like badly formulated fan fic in comparison.
The more I learn about Disney Star Wars canon, the more I realise that Legends, despite its flaws, is the superior canon, and therefore, the ONLY true canon there is.
They say that it is spring. Why, then, is it freezing, hail-stoning and had snow yesterday morning?
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I learnt a long while ago that in rp, it's better to play your favourite characters (if you can) than to expect to be able to interact with another person's version of it. Depending on how the other person treats people in rp, you can be very disappointed if you don't.
Wish I could get rid of the rp anxiety I got from twitter. It's not the same place, these are different people. Completely different rp format, but it's still there.
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birdsandstars 1 month ago

Good luck reclaiming what you love. You’ll get there, with time.

bright-eyes 1 month ago

I hope it goes well. I have tried forums in the past, but they weren't very active - one was old, and although most of the members were still there, I think they'd been doing it so long that they had done all the ideas they had or were busy doing other things. Didn't help that the owner was trying to set up another forum in a different fandom so it seemed abandoned. The second one was new, but the owner was trying to

bright-eyes 1 month ago

do too many things at once and didn't have staff helping on the forum. It's a bad idea that, because it's a lot of work and you get burned out. This one seems to be quite active and there are enough people on there to have a good group, so hopefully it will work out. Wish there was less emphasis on discord, though and more ooc interaction on the forum.

There are times when I think the more I clean stuff, the dirtier it gets.

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