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There's enough light now to be able to work on the Mill Hill designs again. I have a couple of large ones which need finishing off from last year (one of them from the year before, to be exact.) And a new one I got recently. They are nicely secured in a tin so when I'm not working on them, a little border collie who likes to chew things can't get at them.
This probably explains why a DVD release of the BBC/Netflix production has never been made, and why lots of merchandise relating to the BBC/Netflix adaptation suddenly vanished. It's a shame that the rights and licensing weren't done properly to start with.
When I was looking through those old Farthing Wood Friends mags, I came across an article about swallows that showed a photo of them gathering on telephone wires. It used to be a common sight in late summer through to autumn. They'd gather together like that before setting off for their migrations to escape the winter. That was in the late 80's-mid 90's. Now, there are so few of them that you don't see them doing -
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that at all. I find it really sad that something which I used to see as a child in nature no longer happens. It's something that you wouldn't expect to occur in your life time and you can see how animals which had huge populations can crash to almost nothing.

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I'm not sure about this forum I am on. A weird thing I noticed - a couple of characters are actively taking part in roleplay on there, but there's no app for them. I just find it slightly odd...
bright-eyes 1 month ago

And they are currently active, as they've made posts over the last few days, so it's not like they're old threads that are being written in. Emmmmm....

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I thought at first they were NPCs but there is an account in the discord that is attached to them and it appears

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distinct to the admin ones. I find it odd because on twitter there was a role player who pretended to be two different people and had two distinct writer accounts and played some very powerful characters. One of the reasons they did it was because they didn't want people to see that they were getting tons more rp than a lot of other people were.

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I don't mind folks 'getting lots of rp' that's not an issue. It's the pretending to be different people and if it was a regular member behind these accounts then they would have to do the apps like everyone else. Heck, I don't even mind people rping with themselves if they need to tell a story. That's fine, but I had lots of problems with the person on twitter god-modding characters and I just don't like this sort of

Now, it's time to convert those files to pdf...
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I can get hold of more Animals of Farthing Wood stuff, so perhaps some work on Bright Eyes will be coming soon.
Anyone noticed how new fantasy books are shunted into the "Young Adult" category?
Getting the synopsis's done for the Dresden Files books today of the ones I've read. Would like to do a small review on what I thought about them, etc, but I started making Mean Streets after I had begun reading them and was well into the series by then. (I might save that idea for when I start a new series.) I'm getting near to the end of the series now, and into the hardbacks I have.
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It's one of the few series where I don't mind paying more for the hardback versions.

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