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spiders are tricky devils when it comes to decorating - they always think it's Halloween... (aka spiders have been making webs in the house again...)
Tomorrow is the start of the annual doggy appreciation event (aka Crufts.) Border Collies will once again be the true stars of the show as they blitz agility and flyball...
My food processor and bluetooth speaker are on their way. You know, one of the things I get tired of with blogs these days is how zoomed in the text and images are so that they are hard to follow, and there are also tons of ads in the middle of them. The ads make the sites look dodgy even when they aren't. I think neocities websites are much better to navigate, even the ones which have mid to late 90's clashing -
bright-eyes 2 months ago

design flaws. Folks, you are doing good because your sites are usable.

It depends on what the scheme is, what it actually does, and what your definition of diversity is - I wouldn't want people losing access to services that they need - like district nurses who support disabled, mentally ill and elderly people in their homes, or support for autistic children at school (as examples) I notice the report doesn't actually say what the schemes
bright-eyes 2 months ago

do and diversity can be ambiguous.

Today I had a diabetic retinopathy screening test so it means I can't see properly for the next 6 hours...
I often wonder how much of the so called housing crisis is down to councils not keeping their records up to date. We've not lived in a council flat for over six months now, but the council is still addressing letters to us.
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One thing I have noticed in conservation, when logging or hunting occurs in tropical places such as some parts of Africa, South America, Indonesia and similar places, there is always a lot of brouhaha over it but the same things are often ignored in North America and Europe. There, species affected are 'common' 'not endangered' or a 'pest'. This is why this happens -
bright-eyes 2 months ago Don't be complacent about the wild plants and animals and the habitats that they inhabit that you see everyday. They are just as fragile and important.

I'm not a fan of phones anyway, but today I took two calls and could hardly follow what was said on them. Either the phone line is bad, or Max's incessant barking is making me go deaf...
It must say something about the crapiness of Disney when I am more excited about old episodes of Neighbours from the early 90's and the original version of Prisoner: Cell Block H than I am about live action Star Wars shows...
Today is one of those days when fatigue is rampant.

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