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So, I'm getting the Simon R. Green pages done (at least the structure for them, anyway...) I first came across his books when I bought Deathstalker from an independent bookshop some years ago. Loved the series - it's sort of what you would get if you crossed Star Wars with Marvel/DC. The books are quite long and there are two series of them and a prequel omnibus. I've always wanted to see them made into movies.
bright-eyes 3 weeks ago

The bookshop I bought them from no longer exists, unfortunately, which saddens me quite a lot because I saw it grow from a one room shop and expand into the buildings behind it. It was the best independent shop I've known for its diversity of books and my home town is poorer because it's no longer here.

Some shops know how to charge for a pair of socks...
I finally tracked down a site which I ordered some Celtic art from a few years ago. (I forgot what the site was called.) Glad I found it because it sells art of one of my favourite artists.
dewside 4 weeks ago

What's the site?

bright-eyes 4 weeks ago

It's called the Quirky Celts and is a UK site. Not sure what the postage would be like to overseas, though. It's usually expensive.

bright-eyes 4 weeks ago

You might find this useful, though. It has links to some US shops. (I've been getting Lisa Parker's merchandise for years)

Spiral still makes the best gothic/pagan t-shirts.
There are a lot of projects in magazines which I want to do, but getting hold of the materials is proving problematic this year. So it will probably be a summer of Mill Hill projects (if I can find a way of keeping the papers and beads safe from Max - he is a chewer.)
I remember one online cross stitch company that people tried to turn into a replacement for one which doesn't exist anymore end up becoming one of my least favourites, both in terms of the stock they carry and in how rude they are to customers by ignoring questions they ask about if they are restocking, etc...
I've found Hawkins Hobbies and Create Nostalgia to have the best range of them. Other sites don't have a good range or are always out of stock.
I found another UK seller of Mill Hill kits....(Yay!) They are about the only cross stitch kits I buy now.

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