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The moron upstairs is being a moron once again.
I'll never understand why Instagram is such an awkward website to use.
I'll do some screen shots of the Rohan house when they are ready.
So, because of the Rohan house update, you can display your fav mounts at your Rohan house, and turn your cosmetic pets into decorations for your house. You get some "free" slots for your mounts when you buy a house or you can add them later with mithril coins. You need mithril coins to turn your cosmetic pet into decoration. These cost 25 mcs each. If you are VIP, you get points with your subscription, so you could
bright-eyes 3 weeks ago

use the points with your sub to add the pets and mounts. Now, I have practically wasted mithril coins using the stable travel system and teleporting me back to npcs when getting back to them is confusing/time consuming, so what is the fuss about this? It's not that much. If you wait for double points sales, etc, you can even get mithril coins for 'free'. Folks just like to moan about stuff.

bright-eyes 3 weeks ago

Getting 25 mithril coins with your VIP points isn't really that expensive, either. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy mithril coins for this purpose, but if I have some left over, then I'd use points up this way.

bright-eyes 3 weeks ago

And it's no worse than people buying black keys to open lootboxes, which I've also done with my spare points.

Currently having some fun decorating the Rohan house. I still don't know what to do for some of it, but there are plenty of creatures in the garden, the bedroom above the stables is nearly complete and I've converted the cellar into a kitchen. (Could have done with a few more hooks down there, though.)
I must say that the Rohan housing is the best in LOTRO. Although the Gondor ones were impressive, they lacked the homely quality and the Rohan housing has a lot of small, self-contained areas for you to decorate/make your own. I still don't really know what to place there yet, but I have made a nice loft bedroom above the stable. Still trying to figure stuff out.
I caved, and bought a Rohan House.
I kind of forgot that I'd built up some points because I still had some VIP left when I was forced to stop playing the game. (Quite possibly, the longest points that have ever been there.)
Well, the LOTRO housing and escrow is a bit chaotic, but it's not surprising after not being able to get into the game for such a long time. On the plus side, it does mean that I can make a fresh start. (The hobbit house in the banner on my lotr fan site is a causality of it.)
Today is definitely one of those days where everything ha been annoying. Time for a quiet afternoon.

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