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I do have a tendency to make my profiles very long, but I like to get all of my ideas down before I forget them. Whether they become proper, complete stories is another matter though as writing them properly takes a long time. These days, a lot of published writing isn't that good because the pressure put on authors to produce by their publishers is high.
bright-eyes 4 years ago

I see how the work of some writers that I used to read has suffered greatly because they work on too many projects every year.

I just had a look on an old twitter profile that deals with what's wrong in how people behave in RP. A few weeks ago, I looked on a resource site which I used to post on regularly too. Same old problems still exist in both spheres of rp. (Twitter probably worse, though...) It made me realise something.
bright-eyes 4 years ago

People get into rp on the internet because they like to tell stories and want to tell stories. Sometimes, it's their own original stuff, sometimes it's because they like a fandom and want to 'play' in that world. Doesn't matter which. But they could just write original fiction or fan fic if they just wanted to write stories.

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bright-eyes 4 years ago

No. Instead they want to rp - they want interaction, usually because they realise that something is missing in their life and they need to fill it. That in itself isn't bad, but there are people out there who like to hurt and manipulate people. (They probably have something missing in their life too, or have suffered abuse.) Enter those, and rp becomes an awful thing to be in.

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bright-eyes 4 years ago

In the end, you are better off just writing stories alone.

birdsandstars 4 years ago

I’m sorry... yeah, there’s a lot of creepy, awful folks sometimes, and yeah, rp is very appealing if you’re isolated and have trouble making friends. I rarely write fic anymore, but I probably should do that more!

bright-eyes 4 years ago

Don't give up writing! I got into rp because I played DnD and other games at uni and it was great. I thought I'd find the same thing online, but soon found out that it wasn't like that at all. In the end, I found writing alone was better for me. I'm just astounded that rp itself has not really changed.

I think tomorrow, I shall finish writing Lyndheid's profile. Should have done it /ages/ ago, but had too many distractions.
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And tomorrow, I'll be taking a break from doing stuff on the site. It's been a long day getting the character profile template right.
I've not got around to doing the contact page yet (though I really should!) I am @DeadWintersNigh on Twitter.
I long for spring, or at least an end to all this rain, wind and storms.
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So, I only have a couple of images left to do and then episode 2 page of AOFW is complete.
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