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1 year ago
simplifier 1 year ago

Fixed a strange font issue affecting some of my earlier articles. Apparently the "mu" symbol (µ) would turn itself and subsequent characters into chinese symbols, as well as double the overall font height. I replaced it with the "µ" escape sequence and the problem was resolved. This is new behavior, so be on the lookout for rendering issues if your website uses this character.

simplifier 1 year ago

Correction to the above: I meant for it to display "µ" as the escape sequence instead of the character itself.

joppiesaus 1 year ago

It might be some weird character set stuff. <meta charset="utf-8"> in the <head> might fix this, not sure.

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simplifier 1 year ago

Just tried it on my local copy of the site, and while charset="utf-8" didn't work, charset="ascii" fixed it. Might be due to me using alt+230 for µ. I probably won't add this into all of my pages yet, but I'll keep it in mind if other characters start acting weird (degree symbols, maybe?). Thanks for the tip.

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