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Sorry I haven't been on here much lately! I need to replace my laptop eventually. Its pretty hard editing the site on a mobile device, so i havent changed anything jn months orz
rosydolly 1 year ago

But im happy others are still visiting! <3 thank you

WELCOME was updated.
1 year ago
rosydolly 1 year ago

Added a button. Sometime soon im goimg to go through my following list and add any buttons ive forgotten btw

I have a few more buttons to add to my site, im not at a computer right now but i just wanted to say im planning on it soon and not forgetting anybody!
rosydolly 1 year ago

I also have a few more pages planned/written up so hopefully i can add them within November <3

Gah! Such a cute site! You've officially bonded with Cheese Jelly! You've been added to the Giant Jelly Pool, The Jellyring script and the Pals page! Welcome!
rosydolly 1 year ago

Thank you sm! I cant wait to add cheese to my page later when i get to my computer! :Dc

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