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Thank you so much for the follow back! Your website is a wonderful reminder of what I loved about early 2000s sites and I'm so glad to have stumbled upon it. Hope you have a nice day! /gen <3
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rosydolly 2 months ago

No problem! And thank you so much! That makes me so happy:D im so glad you like it<333 i hope your day is great too ^__^

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idk why but my updates aren't showing up on my site:( it's weird because in the thumbnail below you can clearly see my updates but when I click the site it's not there. That's the complete opposite of what it used to do lol. Before it had the thumbnail image of my site 2 years ago no matter what I changed. lol very confusing.
rosydolly 9 months ago

I'm going to wait a few days to finish updating the site to my new theme. so for now my site looks blank :( but at least you can see the work in progress pages on here. I should probably stop editing the pages with the neocities code editor and just do it offline and then update the page when I'm done lol

c04x14l 9 months ago

Have you tried refreshing a few times? It seems the updates are consistent to the thumbnails on my end! And in my case a few times it took a minute for my browser to catch up with updates, especially CSS... CSS especially takes time, since it's stored in the cache, I believe, so you'd need to clear that to force a refresh.

spacepop 9 months ago

Happens to me too all the time. Esp with a major change to the css. Usually updates properly in abt an hour. I suspect its a server side thing at Neocities.

Ill check out everyone's pages and follow back later today:) i haven't updated in a lil while but i want to be nore active here! Even if its just updating my blog lol
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rosydolly 9 months ago

finally went through everyone up to the point of this status omg. I'll finish later but I plan to link back to everyone I'm following

How often does the site update the site previews? Mine is still showing the same preview as 6+ months ago lol
rosydolly 1 year ago

I mean the preview thumbnail on the profile page

lhfm 1 year ago

Seems to be a glitch. People have had problems with thumbnails and their sites updating. Maybe contact Neocities to see if it can get fixed.

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rosydolly 1 year ago

I see, thanks! Ive had the updating problem too, but refreshing my cookies seems to fix that problem

Gone for 4 months but what finally gets me back editing is noticing someone used my site code. Ik i used to help me do most of it but it was still very personal to me specifically. So im gonna be editing my page a lot to look a bit different! I feel so stupid for it but i just want my page to be unique XD sorry if anyone sees my page after theirs and thinks im the one who did that..
hekate 1 year ago

That's crappy :-/ Doesn't matter what the code was, reusing it without asking is a sucky thing to do :-(

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