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Your new style/css is very interesting! (Though I kinda miss the little red arrows) Also just noticed your 404 page breaks in subdirectories
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strata 4 years ago

Hey thanks. 404 will be fixed soon!

strata 4 years ago

(and maybe I can bring the red arrows back in link lists, let's see.)

Just FYI, Neocities recently changed their system, so that it only displays recently added/updated pages, not imgaes/css/whatever. And you can always delete your activity (doesn't affect actual uploads)
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So, I didn't actually end up working on my site today -- but; fear not! I did hack together a little userscript for developing neocities sites offline, so hopefully that'll be up soon. (I'd put this message on my site if not for burnout :P)
jeremyredhead 4 years ago

also the edit button suddenly isn't working for me; when i click it just disappears :o

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