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oh hey someone else with the idea to split their site in two for parts! that's cool. hello!! edit: I FORGOT TO SAY I LOVE UR SITE SO FAR the stuff you've done with the fonts is cool :)
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dreemurr 3 months ago

WOW that's so cool!!! hello!!! I (chimera writing) am the only one with DID on this site lol, but the idea to split a site for parts is so awesome too!!! I love your site so much it's so inspiring (and ayano's gsc site is fantastic!!) Thank you so much!

sentimentality 3 months ago

OH i misunderstood oops (i wrote that comment while sleepy) but STILL VERY COOL!! and thank u sob

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I love your site tinypaws! I love pixie!
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tinypaws 3 months ago

thankies for the compliment and the follow! im a odd duck that never got into Pokemon but Fennekin is very cute! also i like dual boxy layout you have :D

whoa! thanks everyone for the follows! i didn’t expect anyone to check out our silly site, but we’re slowly working things out at our own pace :) it’s chimera writing this, and today i plan on writing some collection pages after therapy! stay tuned!
this is such a creative website idea! i can't wait to see how you two will develop your sites! :)
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dreemurr 3 months ago

whoa hello!! thank you so much! your site is super inspiring to me so this means a lot!! :”) i love your sonic sprite video shrine, i think more people should dedicate time to those small subcommunities from childhood :) - chimera

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This is SUCH a cool layout and idea!! I look forward to seeing what you two make :3
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dreemurr 3 months ago

Wow!!! Thanks so much, i really appreciate it! - Chimera

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sugarblush 3 months ago

Of course!!

I love your site so much!
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dunsparce 3 months ago

I'm glad to hear that, thank you!!

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