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1 month ago
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dreemurr 1 month ago

undertale update! just fanart right now, but i'll work on other pages soon :) as well as a slight update to the about page. i'll write my own about in later too, lol - chimera (az)

Your site is so cool!
little world was updated.
1 month ago
dreemurr 1 month ago

It's my birthday today! I'm 23! If i have time i'll edit a few things and add some pages, because I have a lot of wips sitting around, but i have a lot of small artistic things i'm working on. had to update my age anyway at least, lol.

mato 1 month ago

Aw, that looks so adorable!

forestfolke 1 month ago

happy birthday chimera :-D

dungbeetle 1 month ago

Happy birthday!!

couldnt find a guestbook but i rly liked the feeling of ur site, the lawn on top did smth great
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dreemurr 1 month ago

Thanks! ^^

Is neocities displaying 404 pages for anyone else? All of my pages are showing up as errors and I don’t know why, I haven’t edited anything at all…
jeith 2 months ago

your site's working on my side! neocities has been having weird issues lately though, my site was doing the same thing a few days ago

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sugarblush 2 months ago

Yeah don't worry, Neocities has been doing that to me on and off this past week

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