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Artist on youtube makes free tutorials for people to learn how do watercolours... Thief decides to copy the format of her videos to make tutorials for Skillshare. I informed the artist whose content has been stolen and reported the thief to Skillshare. Folks, if you use free content to help you learn, please respect the artist making the free content so that the artist doesn't feel like they should take down their
bright-eyes 2 years ago

free content, which in turn hurts those who can't afford to pay for premium services.

I have some cheap fineliners that have the potential to be refillable because you can screw the tip off them. Unfortunately you can't get refills for them. I'll have to see if gel pen refills will fit the pen, but it is annoying. If plastic waste is to be reduced then pens ought to be refillable. (Though I can imagine some of the premium pen companies like Copic hating the concept...) I hate having to throw out ,
bright-eyes 2 years ago

things that could be reused if the product available to make them recyclable existed.

bright-eyes 2 years ago

Refills shouldn't have to be a premium thing when the future of the environment is at stake.

And of course, if they wanted a new weapons system for the high level characters over level 100, why not just create a new system for that instead of messing up the one that was there that now makes it impossible for mid-level players to advance?
You need a legendary weapon to gain access to Moria. Problem: You can't obtain a legendary weapon to access Moria until you've accessed Moria, thanks to the new system. WTF? Great way to bollocks the game up, folks...
bright-eyes 2 years ago

Not to mention the fact that you have to waste a ton of gold to reforge the weapon. I don't think enough thought went into this at all!

There is a massive bug in lotro which won't allow you to progress in the game....
We had an awful snow storm in the night, with lots of wind. It put Max on edge. (Border collies tend to hate windy weather anyway.) I suspect that we have another 'Beast from the East' scenario. Climate change is the gift that keeps on giving.
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It's this Black Friday problem that is one: causing a lot of waste for the environment, putting a lot of people into unnecessary debt and contributing to the development of hoarding disorders. You also don't have to buy everyone presents for Christmas, either. In some places it has become customary for parents to buy all the children in their kids' class(es) a present and it's quite embarrassing on so many levels.
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bright-eyes 2 years ago

Not everyone can afford to reciprocate. Family members of the child struggle to find something the child doesn't already own and quite frankly, do children really need all this stuff?

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I think that I must have deleted 150 e-mails about Christmas and Black Friday this month. Quit sending them already.
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bright-eyes 2 years ago

And the majority of them are sent by the same small handful of companies.

I hope that everyone is having a Happy Buy Nothing Day!
What a load of bullshit... Maybe dads, grandfathers, uncles and older male relatives of all kinds have more of a part to play in how males behave than fictional characters? Stop blaming your shit upbringing of boys on things other than yourselves. (And the same goes for women, too...) It's pathetic, really.
bright-eyes 2 years ago

The majority of the men who are criminals in my area are ones that have had a long history of criminal behaviour in their family, so it is /most/ likely that family has more of an influence on people's behaviour than fictional characters. It's just yet another attempt to pass the blame on to something else than it is to own up to where the fault really lies.

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