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For the past few weeks, I've been feeling quite tired and wiped out in the evenings. I think it's because I anticipate a lot of stress this winter. The world is in a worst state now than it was at the end of 2019. I am not looking forward to the coming months.
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I did join a norse pagan group recently on facebook, but I am thinking of quitting it and going to a druid group instead...
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I honestly find it quite embarrassing since I don't want people's stuff, and I like to choose things myself.... And things that I like.
People always seem to use me to off load their unwanted stuff. I don't want it - I really don't! I have a couple of pursues and they are a lot nicer and in better condition that the crap I've just been given.
I have also found that with the state that the world is in at the moment, there are issues that transcend the arguments presented by left and right politics and the only thing that remains to be important is the maintenance human decency.
One thing I will never understand is people who claim to be all fuzzy and light, nice, socialists on social media and tumblr will post, repost/reblog the most disgusting things anyone can ever post. (I am sure that Tories do the same thing, but you expect awful things from Tories.) It's like they think saying that they are socialists gives them a license to be repulsive.
I've always wanted to build booknooks - now there's a bunch of videos on youtube that show you how. Some are really impressive with electronics. (Don't think I'd be able to do that, though because I don't have all the equipment, nor room for it, but it would be a great project for teenagers doing their Tech/art GCSEs.)
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bright-eyes 1 year ago

I like making miniatures, but don't have the room to build 12th scale dollshouses because even small ones are large.

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There's a zoo in the UK that is closing because they are building a new zoo to upgrade the enclosures for the animals. Most media outlets are falsely implying that they are closing for good...
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