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october is here 👀 sorry for not being around guys! life is just hella busy. i'm thinking about removing "character designs" in interests cuz the images take up a lotta space!! i wonder what i should replace it with 🤔
i want to revamp my website so it's the animated interactive world i mentioned i wanted to make on the main page. what do you guys think the world should be like? one idea i had was to combine the "about" and "sketchbook" pages into one page so there's a computer you can "turn on" and it'll show a cute (but not real) art sharing website where you can see profile + artwork. i think that would be cool
yooo i just finished watching serial experiments lain. it's definitely a lot to take in haha, can't decide which episode was my favourite yet ^^ i do like the opening song very much though! music from the early 2000s always hits a special chord in my heart :)
rxqueen 1 year ago

you have been indoctrinated into the neocities community. :)

encounters-ltd 1 year ago

i oughta watch it sooner or later... cant call myself an official neocities member without it

arkmsworld 1 year ago

I always liked the song too. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out that the singer and guitarist for the band were the daughter and son of Paul Rodgers, the singer for Bad Company. :)

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arkmsworld 1 year ago

...of course, I had never watched Lain until I saw websites about it on Neocities back when I joined.

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Sorry for not being around, school has been super stressful :(

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