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what is it about neocities that makes everyone really excited about it for the first few months, and really despondent about it after the first few months?
empeethree 3 years ago

well, I started a account because after learning how to make my own HTML pages, actually just through HTML code generators, I found that it was a good alternative to YTMND, which max disabled account creation on. And I was tired of toxic users on that website.

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hoodoowwwyzzerdd 3 years ago

The lack of social interaction, it seems people arent genuine here.

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hoodoowwwyzzerdd 3 years ago

lol, i acidently hit enter. so basically to me a lot of people tend to use this for some sort of business site or a school project. additionally it seems like the people "here" arent really here at all. it looks like they just come and look or something. but theres not much social interaction as opposed to content creation. Politically a lot of people here seem to be twitter people or like um whats the other one....

hoodoowwwyzzerdd 3 years ago

tumbler thats right!..... anyways people dont have an aim here. this was a place for me to host images i made and place bait for people to troll but other than that theres not much to it.

yudosai 3 years ago

True! A lot of people really don't have an aim or long term plans for it.

jollybeans 3 years ago

I think it's the lack of interaction. I joined thinking, hoping, it would be more of a community than the usual free pages sites. But sadly, it isn't. Some people do respond, but most do not.

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